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tv   Headline News  RT  May 22, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the grisly scene in london as two men had a british soldier to death while chanting god is great allegedly as well for british military actions of broad prime minister david cameron called the bird a sickening the killings being treated as an act of terror. and f.b.i. agent kills a chechen man reportedly linked to london eye of one of the boston bombing suspects were shot dead during a firefight with police last month. hurting for cash and leading in the e.u. turns its eye on tax dodgers hoping to plug the trillion euro and it will drain. the white house before the sting american journalists a move or two project media freedom which they believe is falling victim to
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government fears that some delicate facts may surface. it all welcome to you if you've just joined us here on r.t. a we're live from moscow and you're with me to bomb would say a bloody broad daylight murder in london that is now being investigated as an act of terrorism two men were witness brutally hacking to death a young man who's thought to have been an off duty soldier it happened in woolwich in the south east of the capital live to our london correspondent also our further so it's been described as an exceptionally brutal incident what are you hearing over there. well a deep sense of shock this seething over this horrific attack that was carried out
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in southeast london earlier on today when two men attacked what's believed to be a serving soldier but that's not yet being confirmed the reports coming in that the man was wearing a help for heroes t. shirts and that the team and that sets upon him truly horrific details coming in from these eyewitness accounts that they were hacking at him with knives and then stayed on the scene until the police came asking people who were watching in horror see take face of often. the team and were shot by the police and it's believed that they've been taken to separate hospitals in london but truly grisly details as to place in an area in london that long being connected with the british armed forces and so certainly it is felt that there is that connection there with that but it's not yet confirmed whether the man is indeed a soldier we've had the statement given by the prime minister who's in paris
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visiting president hollande is believed that he's now going to be returning to london and he'll be home heating the paper meeting the government's emergency meeting in the morning but he did give a statement saying that it was the most appalling crime and that police are now seeking the full facts but there are strong indications that this is a terrorist incident and we've seen the paper meeting going on this evening the latest details that we have from that meeting went on for about an hour and they're trying to pull together all that information now all the intelligence to find out obviously exactly what did happen but we're being told that there's going to be increased police presence in in the area later on today and of course as that investigation is now going so. we've heard of a video that had scenes in it and they had these two men their same. pledging
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what the what they wanted to do can tell us a little bit about that and what do we know from glad to what the what was the emotive yeah i think it's very difficult at the moment we've seen these videos the merging and varying reports that obviously haven't been confirmed yes and i think everyone very cautious at the moment not see speculate too much or draw any conclusions but the videos of the have been released in one it's thought that one of the alleged attackers had said that we swear by almighty allo we will never stop fighting the the reason that this is happening is that muslims are dying every day and that's why they targeted a british soldier and i for an i and there is as we said these truly shocking video that have emerged very grisly images from the scene of that crime today as i said a deep sense of shock over this and the response that you've had from the british
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government certainly a very serious one and one that is appropriate for a what would be considered quite a high level terrorist threat i know it's expected that in the morning after the prime minister's haste that that paper meeting perhaps we'll get some more details but at the moment the prime minister and his statement being very careful not to draw any conclusions until of course they got all the details from the center for thing in london giving us an update of that a horrifying episode they just have been the in a war which will have more updates for our viewers. the stockholm riots now three nights of torch the cars and smash buildings of spunk the police shooting of a man will bring a long life into the street and politicians are struggling to get grips with how to respond to the ongoing street battle centered on a largely immigrant suburb in the swedish capital.
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a certain man who was being investigated for possible links to last month's boston marathon bombings has been shot did by the f.b.i. outside his house in florida you but i am sure allegedly knew that and i have brothers the main suspects in the terror attack probe artie's gantries uganda has the details and now granted tell us what what do you know so far there's been an update to the story and there's an f.b.i. agent who pulled a gun tell us more. that's right top on the f.b.i. says they interviewed this twenty seven year old man a brick game. over his ties with the boston bomber bombing suspect tamerlan sarin i have authority say they found no evidence that he played a role in the boston bombings very apparently the agents had suspicions that time or line and. have may have been involved in
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a triple murder toll years ago new york boston three men were found dead then with their throats cut and tunnel and are now have reportedly knew them but the perpetrators of that murder were never found officials say the f.b.i. agent with several police officers were questioning to a doctor about him tuesday and he was to cooperate if at first they say but late tuesday night he attacked the agent again according to authorities the agent shot and killed him according to some reports in the mediate here they're citing their sources in the law enforcement production of was preparing to sign a statement admitting to roll along with come along and i have in this on solved triple murder in massachusetts in two thousand and eleven now we reached out to productions father who lives in grozny in russia chechen republic and here's what he said. you know what i know done alone only from news bulletins he lived in boston and my son lived in orlando for around
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a year he moved to florida from boston where i assume they went to the same gym my son was not aggressive he wouldn't have attacked agents in his own house he would have done that since they were five of them in two thousand and eight he went to the us to take language classes and decided to study. so the father didn't believe that his son could be so violent but again it's a father's account we do know that production was arrested on may fourth you know unrelated incident after after you knocked the man unconscious in a fight over a parking space. rider there was damage again there with an update on that story we'll have more with her later. try to a new torture scandal hits the new wears a mutilated body is discovered in afghanistan as a couple accuses an american military chief of murdering almost twenty people seriously went missing the details just ahead. they
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even look to causes text message wider over the continent today as leaders met in brussels to plug leaks amounting to a trillion euros a year but it won't be easy top bureaucrats and monarchs alike have featured in a slope of recent tax avoidance scandals signifying just how widespread the practice has become our deserts are still here reports from submits verney. tax evasion now that's a hot topic right now here in the e.u. especially as e.u. leaders have decided to go ahead and talk with the likes of switzerland so-called tax havens but anon e.u. members to establish some sort of a more transparent exchange of relevant to banking data this also comes at a sensitive time for citizens there those who are asking at a time when they are having to pay higher taxes and deal with job losses those belong to the top one percent of the very wealthy of the countries get away with tax evasion and tax fraud nowi leaders of his speaking quite loudly about this
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clampdown on so-called offenders and a number of scandals have arisen in various countries starting with france on the former budget minister there. to step down from his post he's been accused of having a secret swiss bank account we're talking about an amount of six hundred eighty five thousand euros there and also another politician over in greece a former minister of finance there has been accused of being involved with one of the country's largest tax scandals us about one point two million dollars we're talking about here now over in germany the boss of one of the world's biggest of football clubs byron munich he's also want to investigation for fraud of about millions of dollars there now here in belgium by queen fabiola she's been accused of trying to hide her wealth from tax authorities so that her heirs don't have to pay a seventy percent tax putting all these together it's just a fraction of the want to trillion euros of the european commission says it's lost to tax evasion and tax fraud each year the e.u. commissioner for taxation anti-fraud has expressed disappointment of the lack of
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progress made by the bloc there's still a level of opposition coming from a couple of countries namely austria and look some work both of which are keen to protect their own banking secrecy laws now this commissioner also pointed out the rather than relying on third party countries or non e.u. member countries like switzerland are more nicko the bloc should take bigger steps in imposing a tougher tax avoidance laws now today the summit is going to show whether leaders are willing to take that step or if all of this is just talk reporting from brussels. for the fight against tax evasion to be effective aid muscling compass more than just see that's the view of someone the editor of international text your magazine the issue certainly is much wider than the e.u. alone there's a certain tax havens are within the e.u. territory certain tax havens are e.u. members and and some have very strong relations with europe so. brussels and
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the e.u. leaders to do have a certain amount of leeway in the goetia with these territories but yes. the issue is so much wider and it has to be tackled after the g. twenty level and o.e.c.d. level a un level much much bigger than europe alone the problem is certainly very big it is costing the u.k. extra in the tune of tens of billions a year the estimates to vary but it's certainly considerable and considering that the government is implementing hysterically policies and cutting public services and raising taxes on british citizens i think it's certainly important that this tax gap is now closed. they've years later summit comes on the bag of another budding crisis but this time is of confidence and mere poll says europeans are becoming increasingly a warrior for young people's future now the picture is even gloomy when we look at people's opinions are concerning employment with block wide pessimism over job
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security and pensions now once a merger of all here though is that of all the respondents the the the of all that is by is the young get ahold of the least a hope for the future something artie's peter all about witnessed across portugal. with unemployment on the rise the portuguese of facing a new set of challenges if you don't want to be a statistic if you don't want to be a number you have to. be committed with their own responsibility of making your own job joe has done just that turning his back on an education in sociology the job in advertising he moved out of the city and now teaches people how to grow mushrooms if you are used to a model in which the opportunity is given to you now the new model is you have to make your own opportunity. drawn towards fungal farming juta the mushrooms
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recycling abilities he says portugal's politicians could learn a thing or two from his produce we really really need to find new nutrients to spring to live. every day full national. he even found a good use for some of his old textbooks yeah is the breeding ground for a potential new mushroom that's easy to grow by anyone but it's not only in the countryside that new agricultural projects are under way with the portuguese facing rising prices and ever decreasing wages urban farms like this one becoming a very important way to make sure fire. can put food on the table small a lot of spring up right in the heart of lisbon operating without proper planning permission. turn a blind eye to their development. everything is just too expensive so i try to get everything i can't afford from my little garden sometimes
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there is a good crop so i can sell it for extra cash. nothing goes to waste here even garden pests can have their uses if you know how i collect snails from microbes when cooked right they can be quite testy in fact many think of them as a delicacy either grilled or in the soup unemployment is at a record high in portugal with pessimists suggesting it's only a matter of time before it passes the twenty percent mark economists in the country are accusing portugal's european partners the ignoring their situation people in the north should look more close to the direct human consequences of these policies and if they have a better knowledge of what's happening in those fields they will change their mind about what needs to be. in the near very near future joe is somewhat more philosophical. and things. that's. the best
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lesson learned with mushrooms peter all over r.t. portugal. fixing messages on resolving the syrian prices then as the friends of syria prepared to discuss peace between president assad and the opposition was lawmakers first date approval to a bill that could allow direct weapons shipments to the rebels a story in just a few. coins revolutionizing banking and finance for a nice political protest movement take your pick there is no doubt this virtual currency is being given a careful. on the back of the global financial crisis and the stranglehold the finance has over the economy humming an alternative currency appears to face what is called the new economy. me it is easy. to.
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see. this is r.t. the body of an afghan man whose feet have been cut off has been discovered near a former american military base not far from the country's capital kabul
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investigators accuse a u.s. forces of murdering and torturing at least seventeen people in the what our province journalist ahmed will carry covers events in afghanistan he thinks the taliban is likely to capitalize on torture scandals in the past we have seen cases quite a lot when there has been a lot of civilian casualties in such cases people who are being turned against the afghan government or the. american forces in afghanistan i mean in this such case when you talk to the people down there or we term family members they are totally for annoyed and they are angry and they are standing against the americans a third night of rioting in starcom has seen cars and buildings torched and their anger at what writers say is the poor treatment of immigrants and rest again on
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sunday as being a largely immigrant some up in the north of the city after police shot dead a sixty nine year old man who was allegedly wielding a large knife in the street in greater call given the editor in chief of the newspaper dispatch international says the police could be doing more to quell the violence. the problem is not from the government or from the swedish people the last twenty years or so we have we have seen so many immigrants coming to sweden bed they really doesn't like sweden they don't want to integrate they don't want to live in this society we you know working pain taxes and so on the people that come here now they come here because they know that sweden will give them money for nothing they don't have to work they don't have to pay taxes they can just stay here and get a lot of money and that is you know really the problem and the police could do so much they have told the public that they mean to do as little as possible but they
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could go in there they could use you know water cannons they could do. not letting people out in the streets at night there are so many things they could do within the law but they don't do it. on a website in france access to ration at immigration has seen one man take desperate measures a renowned historian and self did at the alter in new krypton draw up a publishing a series of damning articles on the ration of french identity reports online. and a song and dance in azerbaijan as russia lashes out over suspected eurovision vote party dot com has the full story. american journalists are sounding the alarm over what they say is a washington witch hunt to prevent sensitive information leaks and in the line of fire other journalists themselves as well as a fox news white house correspondent who was revealed to be under surveillance by
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the justice department there was also the months long wiretapping operation against more than one hundred associated press journalists the white house is defending the harsh methods of saying it was all a matter of national security my colleague marina joshie discussed this with our two new sated say i will quote he says that fall from calling journalist washington may be pushing them to new extremes altogether. the news that broke over the weekend cause an absolute sensational reaction right across the news media and what commentators. right across the american spectrum have said are now identifying a trend where what people see starting with wiki leaks a couple of years ago with the prosecution of mr manning bradley manning but also the prosecution and the attack on wiki leaks is now seeping through people are calling the main stream media and the media that previously would have regarded manning as an out or songe as an outlier is now finding itself suffering the same
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kind of attacks that science has suffered from the american government it's also interesting where you actually draw this line you know because now we're seeing the journalists being called whistleblowers yeah well i guess the most important thing to point out to her here though maria is that whistle blowing is not illegal in fact whistle blowing is a venerated position under law whereby a person privy to information will release that information in the public interest . be the most notorious whistle blowing case of recent years is the wiki leaks case and julian assange is seen as a whistleblower whereas in fact i think for the part was the purpose of this is question we should probably regard him as a publisher of information. as a journalist yeah it is about sense that bradley manning is the whistleblower in the case now they also want to charge sons with the same charge that they are trying to put on mr rosen at the moment which is that a a reporter in going about their job fulfilling their job description going about their daily beast solicits information from individuals these individuals for
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a national security reporter happen to be working for the state and that this approach to these individuals is being regarded under these nine hundred seventeen espionage act as coke conspiracy to aid and abet espionage but speaking broadly about the media in this particular case i mean we know that the media have always defended their sources and shielded sources but now we're seeing it in a very vulnerable position no absolutely but interesting enough coming from the new york. or is that they've introduced a digitally encrypted environment they're taking steps to protect their sources it's called strong box. the code itself was developed by digital first amendment activists or code developed by orange shorts the late hour and schwartz he killed himself while under prosecution for releasing files from dumping files in public domain that were previously owned by m.i.t. if i'm not mistaken i guess the idea here was that they would guarantee anonymity to whistleblowers into sources but. the other side of that now is that this is an
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environment like that may serve to guarantee anonymity to journalists who are facing an absolutely unprecedented threat in the history of american media greg p.l.s. three from the report is coming to the full freedom of the present believes that the right of the u.s. government to protect its secret information should not overlap the first amendment they obviously have a very strong interest in protecting their information and we've always counted on the justice department to balance that interest against the first amendment rights of the reporters and it's that ability to balance that that's been called into question by the events of the last couple of weeks we feel that most journalists can make the careful determination of when some confidential information is newsworthy and something that the public has a right to see and they can balance that against the risk of any damage that might be caused by release of it i think most journalists if they knew the information would truly be damaging would be willing to hold back or you know report less of it
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or accommodate those security interests. france us there's a serious president must hand over for executive power to a transitional government while turkey has totally rejected any role for bashar assad in peace negotiations these and the other so-called friends of syria nations are gathered in jordan ostensibly to discuss peace talks between damascus and the opposition one of the most vocal speakers at the gathering was u.s. secretary of state john kerry and some of the statements don't exactly tally with what he just said just two weeks ago as alessio to chefs q. reports. speaking at a press conference in amman the u.s. state secretary john kerry said and i quote if syrian president bashar al assad was not prepared to discuss a political solution to end syria's civil war the united states and others would consider increasing support for his opponents and of quote that along with increasing initiatives across the atlantic to arm the syrian rebels something again reiterated by the u.s.
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senate commission on tuesday is creating a feeling of uncertainty whether a peaceful solution to the syrian conflict would be found any time soon the latest statement by john kerry seems questionable especially after the meeting in moscow less than two weeks ago when john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and the russian president vladimir putin agreed to hold an international conference by the end of this month to have both the syrian government and the syrian opposition at the same negotiation table and back then told john kerry that he saw clear signs coming from the syrian government that they were willing to take part in this negotiation while nothing like that nothing of the same sort was coming from the opposition this stance was reached rated again by the russian foreign minister during his meeting with the deputy foreign minister of syria today in a moscow we are waiting for a reaction from the russian foreign ministry on the latest statement by john kerry and we know that the russian foreign minister and the u.s.
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state we had a conversation over the phone today about the conference which is due to be held by the end of this month but the biggest question in the light of the statement by john kerry in amman is whether this peace conference would be held at all. coming up shortly it's been to live well with cross talk. to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots fifty ip interviews intriguing stories for you . then try. to find out more visit our big
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teeth dog called. leave me. alone welcome to crossfire for all things are considered a computer a little bit coins revolutionizing banking and finance or a nice political protest movement take your pick however there is no doubt this virtual currency is being given a careful look on the back of the global financial crisis and the stranglehold big finance has over the economy having an alternative currency appears to fit what is called the new economy.
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to cross-talk bitcoins i'm joined by mere talking in london he is a bit coin developer and owner of the british bit coin exchange interesting go in atlanta we have daniel castro he is a senior analyst with the information technology and innovation foundation and in dallas we cross to he is the founder of chap would finance start com and an internationally recognized expert in wealth management or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i mean if i go to you first what is the value of bitcoins in a few sentences. it's a type of current see which can be sent anywhere in the world like instantaneously and you can't have any kind of government or central power that you how you use your money so you can send to whoever you want whenever you want wherever you want and there's a big problem right now in the financial industry where we have a global financial system where a lot of people are not allowed to participate so it's not it's.


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